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Olive Branch Research, LLC specializes in qualitative research, data analysis, needs assessments, qualitative content assessments, literature reviews, project management, report writing, information architecture, metadata tagging & taxonomy assessment.

Qualitative Services

Needs Assessment
Asset Mapping
In-Depth Interviews
Content Analysis

Information Services

Information Architecture
Taxonomy Development/Analysis
Qualitative Content Assessments
Web Content Strategy
Metadata Tagging
User Experience and Design
Literature Reviews & Internet Searches

Areas of Interest

Environmental Health
Disaster Preparedness
Emergency Management
Health Behaviors

Writing/Editing Services

Technical Reports
White Papers
PowerPoint Creation
Curriculum Design
Content Editing
Fact Checking

Olive Branch Research, LLC
Olive Branch Resarch, LLC

About Leila Martini

Meet the Principal
Let me help your organization reach its potential

Leila Martini, DrPH, MLS, MPH is the owner of Olive Branch Research, LLC. She is a creative, highly adaptable professional with a diverse background and ability to seamlessly move from one task to another to support the key priorities of an organization. Unique blend of emotional intelligence and intuition allows for a cohesive working environment and laser-focus on achieving goals.

  • Program & Project Management

    Skilled in managing highly complex projects, working with stakeholders across various internal and external organizations.

  • Research & Analysis

    Passionate about investigating complex topics and analyzing, synthesizing, and presenting information from multiple sources.

  • Information Architecture

    Organizing, structuring and labeling content to meet stakeholder goals. Development and analysis of taxonomy and metadata.

  • Leadership

    More than 25 years of leadership experience. Excel in motivating teams of both employees and volunteers to achieve goals.

Featured Colleagues

Professionals from public health, research, and nonprofit management with expertise and skills that will knock your socks off.
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Leila Martini, DrPH, MLS, MPH

Leila Martini is a creative, highly adaptable professional with a diverse background and abilities. She has a unique blend of emotional intelligence and intuition which allows for a cohesive working environment and laser-focus on achieving goals.
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Mary Martinasek

Academic and Social Marketer
Dr. Martinasek is an Assistant Professor and Social Marketer in Public Health. She has taught undergraduate courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, health promotion and public health policy and is a registered respiratory therapist, a certified asthma educator and a tobacco treatment specialist.
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Patrick Gardner

President & CEO of Crisis Consulting Leadership Services
An Emergency Medical Technician and Registered Nurse in Monticello, FL, he lectures and trains internationally on crisis leadership, disaster preparedness and incident response. Work experience includes pre-hospital, hospital, public health care, academia, disaster management planning, coordination, and response.
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Mahmooda Khaliq

Social Behavioral Researcher & Associate Director at WHO Collaborating Center
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